Brilliant skincare

DiamHands, brilliant skincare is handmade in Utrecht, using only natural products and by people with a distance to the job market. Due to the high concentration of vitamin E, antioxidants and nourishing oils, your skin heals faster after a good climb or bouldering. Perfect for climbers, but – especially with our new hand washing frequency – great for everyone who needs hand care.

DiamHands are forever

The idea arose during an evening of fun in the bouldergym. We spoke of a product that absorbs faster and is at least as caring as other products. After a lot of testing and trying and a lot of cottage industry (see Instagram) there is a beautiful product that smells good, absorbs quickly and above all works really great. I am proud to say that DiamHands is now on the counter in many places in the Netherlands. But also at the oldest bouldergym in the Benelux, in Antwerp!

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All Natural and handmade

At DiamHands skincare we believe that there is no need for weird additives on your skin. That is why we use only natural products to produce the lotion-bars.

A DiamHands lotionbar is 21 grams of pure love for your skin. It contains: beeswax, apricotkerneloil, grapeseedoil, tocopherol( natural viamine-E oil) and essential oils. Nothing more, nothing less …

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